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What are the pros and cons of Cash Micropayment ( 소액결제현금화)

What are the pros and cons of Cash Micropayment ( 소액결제현금화)

Funds Micropayments implicate on the web commerce transactions for a tiny bit of cash usually starting from several pennies to a few dollars. Businesses are generally prepared to market immaterial merchandise for example details for only a few money. Even so, the e-trade Cash in micropayments (소액결제 현금화) challenge is to keep advertising expenses lower. There are lots of micropayment versions. Each method has positives and negatives that will fluctuate based on the type of business deal and buyer acquire choices.

1- Prepay Design

This strategy to micropayments usually takes the shape of a monthly subscription that lets users essential for a stipulated duration of time or volume of use. Advance payment designs involve magazines, games and social media places. For instance, one particular on the internet social networking firm lets pre-acquire credits be employed throughout its site and maintains 30 per cent of revenue for offering this advantage to fellow firms including app programmers marketing items. Prepay positive aspects incorporate gift certificates for buyers with out charge cards as well as a get cost that is great adequate to guard business transaction fees. Probable negatives are the necessity for consumers to pay a one time payment upfront and the requirement of a enhanced system by e-business enterprises to sign up personalized use and stay credits.

2-Postpay Design

With all the postpay model, many microtransactions are aggregated and grabbed as soon as they come about. Probably the most observable examples are on the internet music income with bills powering a number of individual tracks purchased. The postpay model has become linked with the prepay design by some online companies. For instance, a single company aggregates micropayments and also features gift certificates for prepayment. Postpay benefits will be the elimination of the upfront cost supply within the prepay product and the reduction of more improved deal charges by combining a lot of more compact investments right into a greater one particular. Downsides include the requirement of a practical electronic digital handling procedure for aggregate buys as well as a practical requirement that enables just one microtransaction to occur when customers only want to buy one songs.